“No sex, age, tissue or organs are spared from effects of Celiac Disease”

This is the #1 thing you should listen to if you or someone you love has Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity. If you have people in your life or even one of your doctors who doubt the serious nature of it, have them listen too! (link at bottom)

2/27/17: Dr Allessio Fasano from the Center for Celiac Research is interviewed by Dr Theresa Nacassio on her radio show.

He talks about Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, the Microbiome, Leaky Gut, neurological complications in the brain and Autism, ADHD, Dimentia, Depression, Skin (Dermatitis Herpeteformis), Probiotics, Fecal Transplants and more!  He even talks about the Non-hybridized wheat myth, GMO’s, pesticides and more.

“No sex, age, tissue or organs are spared from the effects of Celiac Disease….”

The interview starts at  4min and 55 seconds on the timer in the link. You can fast forward through commercials too.  Dr Nacassio also has lots of other links to Dr Fasano’s interviews and talks on Celiac Disease up on her site.

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Overuse of Antibiotics and Role in Food Allergies, Celiac Disease & Autism

Overuse of Antibiotics Peanut Allergy.com recently wrote an article about the overuse of antibiotics and food allergies.  It really got me thinking and it reminded me that we are hearing the same thing in relation to Celiac Disease and Autism. Basically, Dr Martin Blaser is calling Asthma, Autism, Celiac Disease, Obesity, Childhood Diabetes and Eczema our modern day Plagues.

Actually, the incidence of these conditions was rare a generation ago but has increased alarmingly over the past few decades. Dr Blaser feels that we need to better understand the microbiome (which are the bacteria that live inside our bodies) in order to put an end to these illnesses.  Actually, our microbiome is fully developed by the time we are age three and it is vital to our immunity against diseases. The loss of our microbiome can be attributed to overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals and the overuse of antiseptics, sanitizers and even cesarean sections.

He is not saying that antibiotics are bad; what he is saying is that the overuse in humans, animals and in other products are negatively affecting our health.  He is also saying that what we really need are antibiotics that target the specific bacteria and don’t adversely affect the good flora in our microbiome.  He believes we have the science and technology to do this!

This really got me thinking back to when Dr Alessio Fasano (from the Center for Celiac Research) did his book signing and question and answer session with our customers here at One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli and Bakery. One question he was asked was; “What do you think of probiotics?” He said that basically, probiotics are good for us but he is concerned that we will start over using them; just like we did antibiotics; and we could become immune to them. (I could really see this happening, now we have drinks fortified with probiotics and who knows what else they will be added to!)

In fact, Dr. Blaser’s studies show that the early use of antibiotics in our early years can alter the gut microbiome and it will have lifelong effects on us. His mission is to bring awareness of the serious complications of the overuse of antibiotics, which he has been studying for over 30 years. His book is called, Missing Microbes by Martin J Blaser, MD.