Road Trip USA: Loudon County, VA the Broussard Family

Another great Road Trip story from the Broussard Family from Loudon County, VA!

I met Maureen many years ago at a DC Celiac support group meeting, at which she served our group wonderful samples of her many gluten free specialties. I was thrilled when she opened her One Dish Cuisine cafe years later. Although it is about an hour and a half from where we live in Loudoun County, Virginia (out near Dulles Airport), we try to stop in for a meal any time we are heading up or down 95 to visit friends and family — or when we’re in the area or passing through en route to a hockey tournament for our sons!
The dilemma is always what to order, because everything is so tempting. I’m not even Celiac (it’s my son that was diagnosed 11 years ago), but I choose to eat gluten free most of the time. Going to One Dish is amazing, because the food is so good you don’t even realize it’s gluten free. My favorite thing, without question, is Maureen’s pizza. It comes in two large rectangular sizes and has a relatively thin (although not too crispy) crust…just what I like. I typically order the Margherita pizza with tomatoes and fresh basil. I can eat dairy, but even if you can’t, you can order any of Maureen’s pizzas with dairy free cheese. The pizza is the best (gluten free or not) I’ve had here in the States. In fact, it rivaled some of the gluten free Neapolitan style pizzas we enjoyed on a trip to Italy this past summer.
Another favorite at One Dish Cuisine is their Reuben sandwich. You can imagine how excited I was to learn recently that Maureen is offering a Reuben pizza! Now that my two favorite One Dish items have been “combined,” I can’t wait to try this! My husband and sons have also enjoyed various pizzas, chicken tenders and fries, chicken parmesan, and roast beef sandwiches. All deli meats and cheeses are gluten free and cut on special slicers, depending on your dietary restrictions. There’s one for meat, one for cheese, and one for dairy free cheese. It is nice for my son to be able to get fresh sliced deli meat on a slicer that’s never been cross contaminated with bread or meats that might have been marinated in a sauce containing gluten.
If we’re heading home from One Dish Cuisine — or staying somewhere with a refrigerator and freezer — we fill up a cooler with purchases “to go” (deli meats, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, bread, and ready-to-cook meals from the One Dish freezer like barbecue chicken pizza and mac-n-cheese). I’ve even purchased small containers of frozen pancakes and frozen cupcakes that are perfect to send with my son when he attends a birthday sleepover at a friend’s house.
Karen Broussard (founder of the Gluten Free Travel Site) Click Here for GF Travel Site

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