3 Things You Need to Know About

There are three new developments that happened in the past week..one is great news and two are extremely upsetting for me. First; the good news and then the sad news.

  1. A well known food allergy advocate/writer is doing a story about us and would like to interview some customers who have food allergies (parent and/or child). Specifically; they would also like to talk with customers who drove a very long way just so they or their child could eat here.  -If you would like to be interviewed for the article please email Maureen at onedishcuisine@yahoo.com and please include your name, email address and phone number along with where you traveled from to eat at One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli and Bakery.  They plan on doing the interviews this week, so the sooner you email me, the better.
  2. Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC is reeling with the news of the sudden death of Dr. John Snyder. He was the Chief of Gastroenterology, Hematology and Nutrition and also developed and led the Celiac Program.  I will forever remember his kindness and warm smile. Dr Snyder truly cared about his patients and wanted the best for them. He was instrumental in having our food put in place for in-patient meals and cafeteria meals for those with Celiac Disease and Food Allergies.  He loved our food and would say to me; “Maureen, if you are cooking; I am eating!” He will be greatly missed and I will be forever grateful to him for seeing that our meals were part of CNMC!  I take solace in the fact that he was doing what he loved; cycling in France. Click Here for Obituary
  3. Historic Ellicott City is recovering from Flooding; on Saturday July 30th.  Six and a half inches of rain fell in two and a half hours causing a deadly flood. Thankfully we are on a hill about 1 mile outside of historic downtown and we came through it all with no damage. However, the historic town took a beating and many buildings were destroyed. Roads are closed to traffic in downtown. -You can still get to us via Rt 95, Rt 100, Rt 70 and Rt 29, via Montgomery Rd and New Cut Road to Hillsborough.  For those in Baltimore County/Catonsville who crossed over the Frederick Rd Bridge and came in through historic Ellicott City...you can use 95 and Rt 100 or you can take Frederick Rd to South Hilltop Road which turns into River Road and it will take you over the other bridge. (Yes; there is another bridge that crosses over the Patapsco River!) Once you cross the bridge it turns into Ilchester Rd.  Make a right onto College Ave and a left onto Village Crest Drive into Taylor Village. You will see us at the intersection of Hillsborough and Village Crest Drive. If you would like; you can help the victims recover. Click Here to Give or Receive Help


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