Vaccine for Celiac Disease

A vaccine for celiac disease is set to start clinical trials in Victoria, Australia in the next few months.  Nexvax2 is supposed to give those with celiac disease the ability to overcome their autoimmune response to gluten (the protein in wheat, rye and barley). It is thought that it will desensitize them to three peptides in gluten that actually trigger the autoimmune reaction. The US and Europe will also be participating in the larger phase two study which will assess how well it works. Wow, wouldn’t it be great?  I am not sure how long the trials will last or how long it will take to have any answers.



2 thoughts on “Vaccine for Celiac Disease

  1. Very interesting!! My nutritionist suggested taking my homeopathic remedy daily to desensitize myself, too… I wasn’t consistent with it, so I stopped trying until I was ready to commit to remembering. Can you share the clinical trial results when they come out??


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