Lots of News to Tell You About!

We have a lot of news and I wanted to fill you all in.  Also, our hours for Memorial Weekend are at the end.

-Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Southport Cafeteria, in Annapolis, MD: AAMC should be up an running and stocked in about a week or so.  Now you will have options in the cafeteria, not just when you are in-patient. We plan to stock muffins, cupcakes (in black cups), mac n cheese, pizza, french toast, etc. We will stock Green Label items and Blue Label (no dairy) too. *Note: AAMC has a microwave for you to use, however it is a shared microwave. I urged them to provide a dedicated microwave and they resisted. I also asked them to provide sanitizing wipes. If you don’t feel safe using a shared microwave please let the cafeteria know this and ask them for a dedicated microwave. They want to see how the food will sell…I am not sure how well it will sell when the only heating option is a shared microwave! When you are at the cafeteria please make your voice heard, you can ask for Bill Rasnake or Suzanne Petrides.

-Cakes in the Bakery: We have added a new huge double door freezer in the cafe, deli and bakery that is just for desserts.  So, if you forget to order a cake; just come in and pick one up from the freezer..we will have different sizes and flavors.  We also have 4 packs of whoopie pies and other items that are popular. Remember for custom cakes and large cupcake orders we still need 5 days notice!

-Popsicles: We are making Popsicles and they will be in our new freezer soon!

Monthly Treats Club is up and running on our website, just click on the “Cupcake”.  If you live outside of our two day ground shipping area, call us for a quote on shipping and we will add you to the list if you would like to be included. Our first shipment goes out the first Tuesday in June!  Click Here to go to website and check out Monthly Treat Club

-Monthly Bread Club is on target to start in the fall!

-Parfaits are now in the dessert refrigerator, blue menu/vegan (contains coconut cream)!

-Soup is off the menu until the fall.

-Large quantity purchases: if you need a large quantity of our frozen pizzas, etc; please give us a few days notice so we can back stock them for you.  We will hold them in the back with your name on them.

-SAFE Food Pantry Update: Tiffany, the founder of SAFE Food Pantry, and I met with the Howard Food Bank on Wednesday and we are happy to announce that they have agreed to work with SAFE Food Pantry by offering gluten and allergen free items for families in need.  Tiffany and I cannot do this alone and are so thankful to the folks at the food bank who now understand the need and are willing to help us meet that need. We have some kinks to work out regarding space and safe storage and holding of the items, but we are on our way to making this a reality. It takes a village and SAFE is still in need of donations…there is a clear plastic sealed bin here at the Cafe..you can drop off non-perishable donations for SAFE Food Pantry at anytime.  (In the near future we plan on having a freezer at the food bank as well so I can donate safe frozen meals). Thank you to all who have volunteered their time to get SAFE Food Pantry up and running and thanks for your support and donations to date!

-Law Suit Dropped against PF Chang’s..the plaintiff dropped the suit claiming that she was discriminated against by PF Changs for charging her $1 more for a gluten free meal. Did she suddenly come to her senses?  Great news…it was frivolous to begin with.

-Memorial Weekend Hours: Fri and Sat, normal hours. Sunday; the kitchen closes at 2:30pm and we close the doors at 3pm.  Monday= Closed!

new freezer

3 thoughts on “Lots of News to Tell You About!

  1. This is very informative; I wonder why most Americans don’t eat FONIO? I have fonio every day and its nutritious benefit is just too great and unbelievable to overlook. Please visit http://www.earths-goodness.com to try Fonio. Its the Next Big thing (Better than Quinoa).


    1. Jay, it appears that fonio comes from millet and there is some evidence that consuming more than 2 servings of millet a day can interfere with the thyroids ability to uptake thyroid hormone…just and fyi, that is why I don’t use millet. Many Celiacs have autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or underactive thyroid.. also Millet is a common cross reactor for some celiacs, I am one of them!


      1. Please read up on fonio for better understanding of the product. It is not made of millet. It is gluten free naturally and it helps to lower blood sugar which is why it is also the first choice food for diabetic patients. Do your research on it to be better informed.


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