ODC Is Expanding It’s Reach Again….

As many of you know we have been supplying meals to several local hospitals for the past four years. Currently our meals are served at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC (in-patient & cafeteria), Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD (in patient) and Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, MD (in patient).  We are pleased to announce that we will be adding cafeteria meals at Anne Arundel Medical Center!

We will be putting in a stand alone freezer with our frozen meals, desserts, muffins, etc. Meals will be located in the South Port Cafeteria and the freezer is a good size; see photo at bottom. You can pop in and grab an item and take it home or you can heat it and eat it there in the cafeteria! AAMC has a microwave, and will provide wipes to clean it out and paper towels to cover your entrees with. At this time they will not be providing a dedicated microwave. I urge you to make sure the microwave is clean prior to using it. If our products are as well received as they are for in-patient meals; they will consider a dedicated microwave and table.

We plan to stock items from our Blue Menu and Green Menu and will also include desserts and muffins.  (Note: pizzas are not meant to be microwaved, but you could if you wanted to.)

Urgent: If anyone has a pick up truck that we can borrow to transport our freezer to AAMC, please contact Maureen at the cafe at 443-759-6344. Once we transport the freezer, we should be up in running within a few days.  (ETA: within 30 days) Photo below is of the freezer we will be putting in, so there is a lot of room to stock stuff for you!  (We will have some more good news to follow, so stay tuned)

Freezer to AAMC





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