Gluten Free Communion Wafers

Updated posting on Communion Wafers to eliminate any confusion!

Celiac Disease, Food Allergies, Autism, Gluten Intolerance

I have had many people inquire over the years (and as recently as last week) about GF Communion Wafers. So, I thought I would post some information for you.  Low gluten wafers were originally said to be at about 60ppm-100ppm.

However, the Benedictine Sisters have “perfected” making the wafers that “adhere to the strict guidelines of the Center for Celiac Research”.  You can purchase them yourself, or your church can order them.  The problem is they are low gluten and the amount of gluten is not written in PPM. So you have to extrapolate to figure it out.

Karen Broussard from The Gluten Free Travel Site has written an article about this as well.  You can also search, list and review churches that offer the GF/Low Gluten Communion Wafers on the GF Travel Site!  See link at the bottom.

About a year ago the Catholic Church approved a “low gluten…

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