Link Between Celiac Disease and Nerve Damage

A recent study from Sweden that followed 28,332 Celiacs (every Celiac Diagnosed in Sweden) between 1969 and 2008 found a 2.5 fold increase in risk for developing neuropathy (nerve damage). The study was published in JAMA Neurology. Other studies in the US have found that about 39% of those with Celiac also have symptoms of neuropathy.

Dr Jonas F. Ludvigsson, professor of clinical epidemiology at Karolinska Institute says; “There is a real association between Celiac Disease and neuropathy…we have precise risk estimates in a way we haven’t had before.”  He also thinks that this could change clinical practice because when a neurologist diagnoses someone with neuropathy and there is not a known cause; he might consider screening the patient for Celiac Disease and some will be diagnosed with Celiac Disease and get treatment and then feel better.  See link below for the full article.

2 thoughts on “Link Between Celiac Disease and Nerve Damage

    1. There has been much going around about this but nothing that can be substantiated. I heard that Dr. Fasano may be looking into this. I will post about it when there are some substantiated studies. I have addressed it in my weekly newsletter several times, but there have to be some real studies before I will give a lot of credence to it.


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