Who in My Family Should be Tested for Celiac Disease?

NFCA, (National Foundations for Celiac Awareness) has launched a campaign to urge family members of those with Celiac Disease to be tested by launching a new campaign, ‘Seriously Celiac Disease” to urge those diagnosed to have a one on one conversation with relatives. They have a video and information to help you have this conversation (see link at the bottom).

Who should get tested?

First-degree relatives: parents, children, and siblings. (even if they have no symptoms)

-Second-degree relatives: grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and half-siblings. (even if they have no symptoms)

Why should they be tested?

-Celiac Disease is the most variable and diversely presenting diseases you will ever come across. (Dr. Hilary Jericho, a pediatrician and celiac disease researcher at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital)

“Celiac Disease has a whole variety of symptoms and can be serious if mismanaged or untreated.” (Alice Bast, NFCA)

-Celiac Disease has more than 300 signs and symptoms! (Maureen Burke) see link below.

PS: Only two of my family members have been tested.  Some said their doctors refused to test them because they had no classic symptoms. Newsflash, some people have no symptoms at all! 



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