Tips for Cooking Gluten and Allergy-Free

Cooking Tips for Mistakes:
Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake; keep your sense of humor!  When cooking, you can usually taste the end product and figure out what to add to it in order to fix it. When baking; if the bread doesn’t come out right; let it cool, then cut into cubes and make croutons with oil and seasoning, then freeze them.  Or you can let it cool and then put in food processor or blender and make bread crumbs and freeze them.

For sweet mistakes, the slightest mistake can make an ugly disaster but still taste really great. Just stay calm and re-purpose the mistake where it is a condiment and not the star of the show; then you can come out on top!  Like cakes; crumble the item and use crumbs as a topping for a parfait (“everybody loves a parfait” said the Donkey in Shrek) or crumble for a pie crust.

So when I make a mistake or someone in the bakery makes a mistake, I have fun running around the kitchen trying to figure out what I can make out of the mistake. Watch this 1 minute clip and this will help you keep your sense of humor the next  time you think you have a disaster. The clip below is what runs through my mind when I make a mistake; don’t panic, be a Donkey!

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