FDA Being Sued for Failing to Regulate Gluten In Medicine

Well, I am not big on people filing lawsuits, but I have to agree on this one, there is no reason not to label ingredients in drugs! In this country we have to label food, but not medications and that just makes no sense.  People with food allergies have a right to know what is in the medication that their doctors are prescribing.  It is sad when neither the doctor who gives you an Rx for medicine or the pharmacy filling the Rx can tell you what is in the medication!

I personally think that every single ingredient should be mandated to be disclosed in all food, all drugs and all alcohol.  That will certainly make life easier for all of us with food allergies and celiac disease.  If you read my blog post about the difference between food allergies and sensitivities, I talk about my severe drug reactions; when I asked what I reacted to in the drugs, the hospital could not tell me what is in it!  There is something wrong with this and it is dangerous!

It took about 8 years for the FDA to d0 something about gluten free labeling for food and it has already taken them 4 years to respond to the plaintiff on this one…so we shall see. Click link below to see article in Wall Street Journal.


One thought on “FDA Being Sued for Failing to Regulate Gluten In Medicine

  1. I absolutely agree! I have severe allergies to wheat and milk and few things are worse than having to go on an antibiotic that will make me extremely ill for weeks on end because it has unlabelled allergens used as fillers!!! It’s happened many times to me, and unfortunately, this is a common issue with generic drugs and my insurance makes me pay 100% for the name brand if a generic is available. I don’t think it’s asking too much for pharmaceutical companies to provide safe, effective drugs to everyone by letting people know what’s in their medication. It’s a shame that it had to take a lawsuit for the FDA to take this seriously! Thank you for the post!


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