How Much Gluten Can Make a Celiac Sick? Dr Fasano & FDA Study Results

How much gluten does it take to get you sick?  Well according to Jane Anderson, a Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity expert with About Health, the amount varies from person to person. Dr Fasano and the FDA have different ideas on this. Basically it can be:

-as little as a crumb                       -as much as 1/350th of a slice of bread

-less than 1/500th of a teaspoon of flour (or 1/233,333 of that slice of bread)

Wow, this is a great article and a must read if you or a family member have Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity, especially if you or someone you know doubts how little bit of cross contamination can make you sick. I got cross contaminated and suffered greatly, see January blog post.

2 thoughts on “How Much Gluten Can Make a Celiac Sick? Dr Fasano & FDA Study Results

  1. This is what most upsets me about having celiac disease. If it were a matter of avoiding pasta, pizza, bread, beer, cookies, etc., it would not be a big problem. The problem is that absurd, barely visible, completely unreasonable 1/500th of a teaspoon of flour that makes our lives so restricted. It means worrying about gluten in stuff that has no gluten ingredients in it, and not being able to trust most restaurants (thank you, One Dish!) or friends’ houses, etc. It means having to be obsessed, paranoid, fanatical about traces of wheat.

    I cope with it, I’m aware that many allergies can be this sensitive, and blood tests say that I have completely avoided gluten, but it is RIDICULOUS. It’s as if an alcoholic couldn’t eat anything with vanilla extract in it, or if a non-smoker could not go within two blocks of a person smoking. If doctors could come up with some way around this, it would be the biggest blessing!


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