Meat Allergy Brought On By Tick Bite!

This is from our newsletter in July 2012.  Author, John Grisham, shared his story with Allergic Living about his long journey to identify his beef allergy which was brought on by a tick bite!  (known as Alpha-gal Red Meat Allergy caused by tick bites)

John Grisham was experiencing reactions, some at night, feeling like his skin was on fire and welts that would swell and itch.  Trying to find out what was causing it was a long ordeal. He consulted a doctor and kept a journal of everything he ate for months and discovered the cause of his reaction. It was meat (beef, pork and other mammals meat). He later learned that the cause of his allergy was linked to a Tick Bite and his farm in Virginia is located in an area known to have lots of ticks.

What makes this hard to diagnose is that the symptoms often start over four hours after the meat has been ingested. University of Virginia researchers were the first to document this type of allergy. UVA’s world renowned Allergist, Dr Thomas Platts-Mills also developed a meat allergy after being bitten by a tick.

Click on the links below to read John Grisham’s incredible story about his journey to diagnosis and learn why he now eats a lot of chicken.

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