504 Plans For School Children with Celiac or Food Allergies

Food Allergies and Celiac Disease have been recognized under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Many parents have put these plans in place to safe guard their child at school. I have written several articles over the years about the importance of having a 504 Plan for your Celiac and/or Food Allergic Child in the school. Countless customers have told me  stories about their child ingesting gluten or being exposed to allergens at school.  A 504 plan puts your child’s needs in writing and it has to be followed at school. Often parents tell me that their child’s school tried to discourage this. If you don’t have a 504 Plan in place, the school does not have to do anything to accommodate your child.”

Recently our Baker, Jennifer, got a 504 Plan in place for her Celiac son at his elementary school. This plan should be able to follow him through middle school and high school and it can be altered as needed.

Jennifer says; “Even if you think your school is doing an excellent job in handling your child’s celiac disease it’s still a good idea to have a 504 in place. What if your family has to move? The new school might not be as accommodating. The 504 will move with your child and they will be required to take the necessary precautions. What if your current administration (principals and asst principals) change? The new administration will be required to follow the 504 plan guidelines.”

The American Celiac Disease Alliance has great resources as does FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education). The links below give you samples and guidance.



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