She Thought She Was Gluten Sensitive, It Turned Out She Had Celiac Disease!

She Thought it Was Just Gluten Sensitivity; When She Was Really a Celiac! This is a true story. One of my friends, who also happens to be the person who does all of our graphics, website and advertising, was sick for a few years. After hospitalizations and many different health issues, I urged her to get tested for Celiac Disease and see a gastroenterologist. She never saw the gastro and was not getting any answers from her regular doctors; so she went the alternative medicine route; where she was told about gluten sensitivity, but was never tested for Celiac Disease (FYI: stool, saliva and IgG blood tests do not diagnose or rule out Celiac Disease).

She removed gluten from her diet and was feeling better. But since she was under the assumption that she was only gluten sensitive; she went back on gluten after about 5 months of eating GF. Her many symptoms returned.  After about 6 months of eating gluten again, she was not doing well at all.  She asked me about Celiac Disease..and told me her symptoms. Listening to her symptoms was like reliving my own past and I urged her to get tested for Celiac via blood work and biopsy with a Gastroenterologist (I referred her to the doctor).  She finally went to a Gastroenterologist who was well versed in Celiac Disease and both the biopsy and blood test came back positive this past December.

She is now committed to a GF Diet For Life and knows that she has Celiac Disease.  The good news is that she can now alert her family members so they can be tested and she can also watch her young children for symptoms; one is complaining of stomach aches. I am so glad that she took her health into her own hands and saw the proper doctor to diagnose her Celiac Disease.

What if she never got the real Celiac testing done and just kept eating GF; just assuming that she was gluten sensitive and cheated on the diet or was getting cross contaminated?
-She would stay in autoimmune havoc and would be opening herself up to all sorts of serious complications from untreated Celiac Disease. Gluten is poison to a person with Celiac Disease. If you don’t know for sure if you or your child are Not Celiac; then you are playing a dangerous game with your health and your child’s health. If you or your child have undiagnosed Celiac Disease, eating gluten is like purposely drinking Drano!

Often customers come in and claim a gluten sensitivity or “allergy to gluten” (there is no such thing as a gluten allergy) and they have no idea if they or their child have celiac disease because they did not have the Celiac Blood Panel or Celiac Intestinal Biopsy before going gluten free. Some say that they occasionally eat regular pizza and that they don’t worry if they get cross contaminated or ingest small amounts of gluten. If you are a Celiac and don’t know it, that piece of pizza may not kill you today, but the cumulative effect can cause serious complications! Do you want to do that to yourself or your child?

Remember: One negative test does not mean negative for life. If a family member has Celiac Disease, you should be screened yearly for it via blood work and intestinal biopsy because 10-20% of those with Celiac Disease test negative on blood but positive on the intestinal biopsy.  Take control of your health and the health of your child and see a gastroenterologist and get screened for Celiac Disease prior to undertaking a GF Diet because you must be eating gluten in order for your body to produce the antibodies that do the damage in Celiac Disease.  If your tests are negative but you have a skin rash, it may be DH (Dermatitis Herpetiformis); which is the skin manifestation of Celiac Disease. You should bring it to the doctors attention and you will need that rash to be biopsied.

* I love the service that our alternative medicine doctors provide, and I believe in what they do for their patients.  However, often their patients are missing out on a proper Celiac Disease Diagnosis if they don’t have the patient see a Gastroenterlogist who is well versed in Celiac Disease first. The tests that they use do not diagnose or rule out Celiac Disease. It makes a big difference when you are a Celiac or when you are just gluten sensitive because those who are gluten sensitive often live a different lifestyle when it comes to gluten. Someone with Celiac Disease must be so much more diligent.


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